Thanks to my sporting and therapeutical achievements, an increasing number of celebrities stemming from different corners of the world inquired about my services. As a result, I started traveling abroad to a growing extent for both my work and my passion.

My client list features major international celebrities such as:

Anna Wintour, Giorgio Armani, Ron Howard, fam. Abramovic, Donatella Versace, Stefanie von Fürstenberg, Fam. Vasily Anisimov, V.L. Bogdanov, and Domenico Dolce.

A demanding and refined customer base requires services of the highest quality, which I maintain at all times for all my clients.

I charge fees for services provided abroad according to the distance covered and the time spent. Estimates are available upon request. In order not to neglect my local customer base, the number of trips abroad is limited per year.

Much obliged for your interest in my services!