My name is Gilbert Wolf. I was born in Zurich in 1974.

I’ve been fascinated by the human body and its connection to both the mind and the soul from a very early age.

In the course of my professional background in Asian martial arts, I have mainly focussed on the healing and recovery processes of the human body. I believe that the gift of healing is something immensely precious which slumbers within all of us.

Training in martial arts comes with injuries of many different kinds. Given my background in this area, I can put myself in the position of the patient and perceive the symptoms from your perspective. This enables me to create tailor-made treatments for you with the ultimate goal of bringing about an improvement of the symptoms as soon as possible.

As crucial as experience is on the part of the therapist, the most vital role in the path to recovery has to be played by you – the patient. Only by actively giving your agreement to a partial or total improvement I can summon the “holistic health” whose potential is in all of us.

I combine different approaches and employ the most suitable treatment method depending on the symptoms or the pain you are experiencing. In most cases, my energetic hands contribute to a substantial improvement or even a complete recovery of the symptoms.

Also, nutrition and physical activity contribute a vital part to our well-being. Based on my experience in these areas, I can provide you with the best possible coaching.

Since I grew up in a multilingual family and continued to study languages later on in my life, I am well-versed in several languages and do not let linguistic hurdles get in the way of successful treatment.

After developing my own movement concept “Martialcombats” and founding a company specialized in the care of the elderly, I am now studying Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In the course of my international sporting achievements, I have traveled the globe and built up a global customer network consisting of many celebrities. I also accompany clients on trips abroad or travel to their homes to provide them with my therapeutical services at any requested time.

I hope that this short introduction has provided you with a complete picture of who I am and what services I offer. I am looking forward to meeting you in person and wish you all the best in the meantime.

Your therapist and life coach

Gilbert Wolf

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