As a young adult, I gathered my very first experiences with the healing power of my hands. Whenever a fellow athlete was experiencing pain or physical discomfort, he asked me to place my hands on him which in most cases resulted in a quick improvement of the symptoms. Without giving it too much thought at the time, I merely enjoyed doing good and helping other people.

The second phase when I used my hands for healing purposes was during a traineeship in the hospital of Winterthur. In my breaks, I used to visit cancer patients, some of which were experiencing excruciating pain. Thanks to the healing power of my hands, they were able to better endure the pain. At this very moment, I realized that the energy within my hands indeed had healing powers.

To widen my skills, I started a collaboration with Prof. Dr. med. Sandor, a specialist in cerebral research and the head of the Department of Migraine of the University Hospital Zurich. I had the opportunity to treat patients with severe migraine symptoms and managed to remove the symptoms altogether in some cases just by laying on of hands. I also provided relief to patients with psychological stress disorders such as anxiety disorders or burnouts and patients suffering from fibromyalgia, whiplash injuries, etc.

I cannot bring about a recovery in all the cases and therefore cannot guarantee a definite treatment success. However, what I can guarantee is that I will do my utmost to bring about an improvement of your life quality.

During the treatments, I often experience some of your symptoms on my own body and am therefore also able to provide you with valuable feedback at the end of the session.